Life lately | 23.03.2016

Well it looks like it's that time of the month again - not THAT time of the month but the time where I update you on my life. I think I've had quite a lot of stuff going on since the last but I won't bore you with the all details. 
1. This is a picture of me and Pipin, he was my second pony ever bought for me when I was about 8 years old. It's crazy that he's still going strong, sadly he's now far too small for me. Recently I have been trying to go to the horses as much as possible with my little sister because she really appreciates people paying an interest in her hobby.

2. So I did it, I went and bought myself a new car! I mean I still don't really like driving but now I have a pretty car it definitely makes it a lot more fun. 

3. Spring is officially here and I can definitely feel it, the island I live on turns so pretty in the spring! I am currently making the most of the sunshine and hope to get many pretty pictures like this one. 

4. This is my niece, Lucy. I can't remember if I've shown you her before but she is just adorable. When I got my new car she asked if she could come out for a drive and wear sunglasses just like me, her reason was because we are princesses. She's only 4 but she's amazing! 

5. Here's just a picture of me and my friend when we got drunk after work once. This was the start of a lot of drama at work! I won't go into it but it was a good night and yep I'm definitely an alcoholic. 

6. I honestly love this quote so much. I love the design and everything. I wish everyone would say this, imagine what the world would be like if we all had determination! 

7. Good old selfie, no explanation needed. 

8. My best friend Hayley, she loves me really. This was the evening we both had a big falling out with her boyfriend. Honestly, never try and take down 2 best friends. 

9. This is my face at 5 am when I realised how two faced and boring people were. Honestly please don't bother talking to me if you're going to do something different behind my back. 


  1. Love your new car! Safe driving!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

  2. Why am I only just seeing this? Sorry hun didn't realise you'd written recently. Glad to see you're (kinda) back to blogging. Loving your new car by the way :)
    Love Hannah xx