What happened to Passenger?

Remember that Let It Go song that stayed in the charts for what feels like forever? Everyone knew he was somehow linked to Ed Sheeran but nobody could be bothered to buy the bearded Brightonians album so he slowly creeped back into the woodwork. 
I saw him supporting Ed Sheeran before the big hit was released. Lets just say it was an honour, I have never seen an artist that was such a joy to be around and have the most relatable songs. He appeared on my Facebook the other day which reminded me that I haven’t actually heard new music from him in a while, making me question what he was actually doing nowadays. 
By the looks of it he’s still playing to thousands of people each night, whilst making the most of the new live feature on Facebook, where he shares short performances to keep the fans entertained by his astonishing voice whilst he conquers America.  
My internet stalking lead me to his most recently released video Somebody’s Love, an incredibly beautiful love song showing how caring and sensitive Michael Rosenberg really is. 
Luckily for fans of the 32 year old folk singer, he is set to be releasing yet another album on September 23rd, titled Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea. I don’t know about you but if its anything like his previous albums, it will fill me with emotions I didn’t even know I had. 

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