My week in pictures | 17th August 2014

Feels good being back doing this! With my return I've made sure I took as many photos as possible this week. 
I found this amazing matte black nail varnish by Barry M. I live a very sheltered life and have never seen this before so of course I had to get it. I am in LOVE! 
First of all, my sister and I went for gorgeous cocktails at a lovely place near where I live. 
I found this challenging workout which I thought I'd share, I love trying new things. 

I'm not sure how and why this song is on my phone? But I thought it was funny that I must have actually paid for it somehow hahah! 
Work's quiet so I was able to enjoy this baby. 
New purchases! Might review if they're any good. (St Tropez is obviously my favourite!)
Am I literally obsessed with Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice! I've had it twice in the past 3 days. 
Here's me blogging! (I'm actually being organised for once and scheduling posts!)

Sergei finally came! For all you who don't know, it's a toy you can get if you buy insurance. Google compare the meerkat. 

That's pretty much all I did with my week really! What did you guys get up to? 

Abigale xo

Ps. My laptop screen broke today so I'm not sure what future post will be like. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon or I'll just buy a new one. 

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