Boots Soltan Beautiful Bronze | FAKE TAN REVIEW


I'd just like to apologise for the bad photo, everywhere I put it the light shone off it! 
Anyway, I'm all for finding a good quality cheap product and I think I've found it in fake tan! Soltan Beautiful Bronze, Self Tan Dry Mist Spray in the colour light/medium. Works perfectly for me, I had a friend that said they didn't like it at all - personal choice I suppose. 

Application for this is so easy! You literally just spray it onto whatever you want to tan, just make sure you get it all otherwise you'll end up with streaks. That's the only way it streaks you'll be glad to hear! I just make sure I spray the area (eg, my legs) twice or slowly as it doesn't matter if you put more on one area than another. Once its developed you don't even notice. 
It appears within 2-3 hours so don't get wet or sweat until that time is up! 
Here's another shockingly bad photo of what it looked like on one leg compared to the other. It gave me such a natural tan that wasn't really orange like most fake tans. I find sprays so much better and easier to apply, especially if you're like me and hate how long mousse takes. You don't even need a mitt. 

The only bad thing about it is that you have to look after it (moisturise everyday) because if you let it start coming off it goes all dirty looking. I found that moisturising regularly prevented this. 

At £5.99 how can you go wrong?! Give it a try, buy it here.

Abigale xo 

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