Almost 1 month ago since I went to Bestival - if you don't know what it is you have to google it because it's amazing! I feel like I need a little time to reflect on how good it was, so why not share it with you.

I didn't get many photos because I was working through the day and then had very little battery the rest of the time. Although a festival isn't a festival without a phone!

Here's the first photo in my gallery of bestival. The Thursday night when I camped with my friend in her incredibly small tent! Sorry I look drunk, I was haha.
The worlds biggest disco ball!
Sam Smith!!

My friend Shannon and I met Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg!
And the lovely Oli White :)

Watching Outkast.
Shannon and I being sexy ✌️
Made some random friends

The disco ball went up!

Then I got a photo with an old friend. I now realise I did not suit those sunglasses!!

That's it, short but sweet. It was a great weekend and I think everyone should experience it!

Thanks for reading :)

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