September Favourites

With September all gone already, I thought it would be good to do a quick favourites to remind myself in the future of things I enjoyed this month. So here they are in no particular order! 

I saw her at the bestival earlier in the month and I fell in love! She's so beautiful and her voice is absolutely stunning, I cannot believe she has children!! Definitely give her a listen. 

Ella Eyre - Comeback
This came out on the 28th September but I've loved it all month. Everyone needs to check out this kick ass song. 

Chocolate digestives 
These aren't even new but I was ill for about 3 weeks and I almost lives off them the whole time. YUM!! 

I'm loving this app again. I hated it for a while, now I just love annoying people with pictures of my face! 

My car
I don't actually have a photo of my car for some reason. Strange thing to favourite I know, but after months of being really bad at driving and not really caring about my car, I've finally realised how cool it is! About time too! 

After having to wear jeans all the time for work, I am loving wearing skirts and dressing like a girl. I know, the small things! Haha. 

I love doing them! I always get bored of doing the same exercises all the time so this month I've gone back to some Pilates. I find it so relaxing and good for you at the same time. Try it! :) 

YSL Touché éclat 
2 words, love it! I'm not very good at applying make up so I was so happy to find that this is super easy to apply. I know it's a little bit pricey and I never buy expensive make up but a girl can treat herself right? 

So yeah, that's it! Sorry it's not very interesting and most things aren't new. Let me know what you are loving or have loved through September. 

Thanks for reading! :)

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