Sunday walk | Niton Undercliff

Every Sunday my mum and I like to go for a walk, last week we went for a lovely walk down the bottom of the island I live on. If anyone ever visits the island (popular with Joe and Zoe Sugg) here is definitely one of the prettiest places to visit, it's also about 2 minutes away from Blackgang Chine! 
I took quite a few photos so I thought I'd share them all in one post. 

So we started at the top of the cliff and made our way down to the beautiful beach. 
I got this beautiful panoramic shot of the beach, only taken on my iPhone but I love it. 
The cliff above actually had a few rocks fall off it while we were stood next to it - pretty scary! 

Walking along this secluded beach was so beautiful, until we discovered it was the nudist beach! 3 old men were enjoying the cool breeze - I am traumatised!! And definitely didn't get any photos! 
Time to leave I think! 
We made it back safely to the car! 
A squirrel ran out in front of us. The Isle of Wight only has red squirrels which I think I so much prettier than grey squirrels. 
How cute does this little tunnel look! My photo doesn't do it justice. 

That's it! Sorry it's all landscape photos but it was just so pretty and I can't wait to look back at this post in a few years time. 

Thanks for reading! :) 
Abigale xo

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