17 blog post ideas

I've been in the situation where you have no idea what to blog about so I thought I'd share a few quick ideas. If you've got anymore  ideas please comment them below and help us all out! 

  1. Write a list of your favourite blogs
  2. Give something up and keep everyone updated on your progress
  3. Organise something 
  4. Do a 'how to' blog post
  5. Things I wish I knew before... 
  6. Write a letter to your former / future self
  7. Write a wishlist
  8. What's in my make up bag / school bag, etc
  9. Do a day in the life post
  10. 10 favourite people to follow on instagram or twitter
  11. Share a DIY project or fail
  12. Morning routine
  13. Tag posts are great! 
  14. Introduce your audience to your friends or family
  15. What's on my phone / ipad / laptop 
  16. Review things you've enjoyed or not enjoyed. Negative reviews can be just as interesting as positive. 
  17. A checklist for something, going to a festival for example. 
I hope this has given you some inspiration.

Thanks for reading! :)
Abigale xo


  1. I've just discovered your blog. This post is great! It will come in handy the next time I am stuck for ideas. I can't wait to read more posts. xx


  2. This is very useful as I've just started my own blog and struggling with ideas��