What's in my bag?

I've been thinking of doing this for awhile so I thought now would be a good time as it's currently really full and needs emptying!! God knows what we will find! Let's go. 
My bag is from New Look and its huge so I'll warn you now this post may be quite long. I love the gold pattern on the front. 
It's just has one main compartment with a little phone bit and a little zip inside. 

Just take a second to admire the amount of rubbish that's on top!! Oh god. Right I'll just pick out some random stuff. 

We've got a headband thing for when it gets cold at the stables. My purse, some moisturiser, a random pallet of eyeshadow which I don't even use (it's from Halloween I think) and some toothpaste which also has a toothbrush in because you never know when you need to brush your teeth! 

I should have looked through before I started this! I've so much rubbish haha. Right so there's my book at the top, body fragrance, hand gel, nail varnish, a hairbrush which I've never used (I might need it one day), headphones, cards that should be in my purse, lipstick and razors because you never know when you need to shave?! Haha that's a joke, I bought them the other day and never took them out. 

Yummy I found food! Sorry, right, there's my sunglasses, 2 subway straws, more hand gel, a Capri sun, 2 chocolate rolls, a Mr Kipling slice (currently eating), a mirror, a hair grip thing, a gold bar and my iPhone 3GS that I use as a iPod. 

2 pens, hair bands, yet another subway straw, my headphones case, a lolly, my old skating booklet (which is ruined from being at the bottom of my bag), my car keys, old work keys, 2 free coffees from McDonald's, and my bloody Wii remote!! I've searched everywhere for this, now I can watch Netflix again! 

Then in the little pockets I had, 2 lip balms, paracetamol, plasters, bobby pins, my ankle bracelet, and another pen. 
And finally, the biggest amount of rubbish  ever!! That's so disgusting, but it hasn't actually been in my bag long I promise! Haha. Sorry about the lighting, I'm not a photographer and nor do I want to be. 

What's in your bag? 


  1. Such a cute bag! Great post.


  2. I love your bag! Great post. xx

  3. Your bag is beautiful and so many things in there lol!! xxx

    Kirsty | KirstyLovesx

    1. Haha yes too many things!! Thank you Kirsty xx