5 Tips to Living a Happier Lifestyle

I'm not saying I'm the happiest person in the world and I'm not suggesting that these work for everyone but they are what's working for me.

So here's my top 5 tips to living a happier lifestyle. 
(In no particular). 

Being healthier.
Now I don't mean being a gym freak. I just mean getting a decent amount of sleep each night (I aim for about 8 hours - where possible). 
Then I'd say drink more water, maybe its just me but I always feel better if I drink water over juice or fizzy drinks. 
Laying off the junk food a little, not loads, start off with saying no to one a week. I always eat junk food so I'm not trying to sound perfect haha. 

Remove negative people from your life.
They're the main thing that bring you down - I've learnt from experience. 
There's no point being with people who don't truly make you happy. 

Cut down on technology. 
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etcetera, are so depressive and boring. People only use them to show off how good their life is. We waste so much of our lives on our phones and laptops which can't be healthy! 
Try cutting that out for maybe an hour or 30 minutes an evening, depending on your lifestyle. 

Regularly do a hobby.
We all have things we enjoy right? 
Football, Judo, painting, writing, sky diving, volunteering, basketball, whatever interests you, do it! It'll be a nice break from your usual activities. 

Take time to relax. 
Have a nice bath, read a book, go for a walk or listen to music are all great ways of relaxing. I find the best time to do this is just before going to bed as it helps to sleep too! 

And there we have it, my 5 tips to living a happier lifestyle. What would yours be? 

Abigale xo