October Favourites

Where's this month gone?! Anyone else feel like it's just flown by? 
A lots happened this month for me, sadly not all good news, but I have managed to keep up the blogging! 
Anyway, here's just a quick insight to what I've been loving this month. 

Munch Bunch yoghurts 
Now I know these are child's yoghurts but the pots are way too big for children so I thought it was perfect for me. I hate bits that you get in yoghurts so I find these are perfect! Try them out. 

KitKat Caramel
Omg!! They're heaven! Everyone go buy one now and tell me what you think. 

I just love going up to the horses again now! It's so nice to take my mind off of stuff and just enjoy the yard! Who knows what the future holds ;) 

Jack Garratt - Worry 
Being a massive music nerd of course I've got music in my favourites! This was also in my current music favourite, love it!! 

 George Ezra - Wanted on Voyage album 
I just love George Ezra, the end. 

Fake Tan
With the sun going away for the winter, fake tan is very helpful (although the sun never gives me a tan anyway). I've been using a variety of products, these are just my favourites. 

The Vampire Diaries 
I know I'm probably really behind on this but I came across it on Netflix and I am OBSESSED!! Literally every opportunity I get I watch it. I ❤️ Netflix. 

That's all I've been loving this month! Nothing very interesting but due to circumstances it's not been high on my priority list. Next month will be better for sure!! 

Thanak for reading. What have you been loving this month? 

Abigale xo 

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