I'm back!! New Years resolutions??

Happy new year everyone! I hope 2014 what everything you wanted it to be. Some of you will be glad to know that I'm back! Again, I know, but I needed this break away because I felt myself being forced to blog.

Anyway, let's just get straight back into it with some New Years resolutions. I never make New Years resolutions usually, purely for the fact that I don't believe you should wait for a new year to change the way you do things. But as its a very popular thing to do, I thought I would share my aims for this year with you all. 

1. Have a different perspective on things. 
Throughout 2014 I've turned into a complete bitch because so many people have treated me like crap, I've allowed that to get to me and I've enjoyed being a hard faced bitch basically. This year I feel as though that needs to change. I've got a friend who I look up to so much, she never looks at things in a bitchy way and see always see the good in things - that's what I want to be like. I just generally want to be a nicer person and be more grateful.  

2. Stop wasting money. 
I've become so good at this and everytime I get paid I always go and buy stuff I don't really need; when I look back at what I spent my money on I can't even think of anything good I bought. This needs to stop and I need to start saving, everyone else can so why can't I?!

3. Start eating properly. 
I never eat all 3 meals a day, I constantly pick at junk food. Not really anything too hard I know but it needs to be done. 

4. Spend less time online. 
I really want to get off technology a bit more, my aim is to start reading more and get off social media in the evenings. I'd also like to get off the internet because then it stops me spending money, so that's two benefits in one. 

5. Work hard. 
My final one is to work hard, sounds easy? Yes, well I want to look back on my year and see what a success it's been, in my work life, social life and with my hobbies. I will succeed.  

What are your New Years resolutions?? 

Abigale xo 

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