Top 2014 moments

I'm literally so rubbish at the moment. I've been so concentrated on working I forgot to start blogging again, anyway I'm back. Let's look back to my top moments of 2014. 2014 was a strange year for me, I learnt a hell of a lot, however the majority of my favourite parts were in the send half of the year.

The first being Laneways.
I never actually got many photos of the place but it was the Australian themed cafe/bar I worked at for 4 months. The lady that owned it was amazing, I really didn't want her to go back to Australia. I learnt so much about myself there and she really helped me realise that I am better than I thought. I can't wait to go and see her out in aus.

The next is passing my driving test 
This was great to finally get round to driving.i just love how my instructor even thought I was going to fail! And of course getting my car come under this too, I love how I can do what I like now. 

My current job! 
I am so so lucky to have gotten this job and everyday I am thankful. The whole team is great and the job itself is perfect, I've only been there a few months but I am just so thankful I've been given the opportunity. 

I love this photo Shannon! Makes me laugh every time. For me the Bestival was such a turning point for me because I spent a lot of it on my own!! But I still had the best time! Thanks to everyone I shared it with, you know who you are. 

Riding solo 
This is all I need. Myself. Sounds stupid? Yeah probably, think what you want. But 2014 taught me I need to do more for myself, look after myself more and never rely on anyone other than myself. I've become so strong and nobody will ever walk over me! 

That probably sounded really big headed haha. 
What are the main things that happened to you in 2014?? 

I hope 2015 is perfect and everything you want it to be! 

Abigale xo 

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