Shout Out To My Ex review

First, let me brief. Little Mix, the four-piece pop girl band who won X Factor 2011. Recently announced they're releasing their fourth album Glory Days supposedly coming out before Christmas (probs hoping for Xmas number 1 but that's none of my business).

Anyway, I recently heard a lot about their new single Shout Out To My Ex which literally made me feel sick. Don't get me wrong the song is pretty catchy and definitely makes you want to have a good sing along. BUT don't you think it's the kind of information you should keep to yourself? If I wanted to make my ex jealous I wouldn't go giving him attention by writing a song slating him.

There's a lyric in the song that says he's no good in bed and that they never loved him anyway, this is most definitely not true! You would never stay with someone that didn't love and didn't make you happy.

Personally, this isn't the kind of song that makes me feel empowered and good about myself. I think it's more a joke and slightly embarrassing. I don't think it's going to make Zayn and Gigi think twice about their relationship. 

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