Meet Abbie

I thought I would just do a simple post about me, telling you all the simple facts that you probably wouldn't know. I'd love you to copy/make up questions and make your own Meet (your name) and send me the link on twitter @AbbieeWade

1. Full name? 
Abigail ??? Wade

2. Birthday? 
10th May (that's right, not long ago)

3. Height?
5 foot 10 (all legs, I know)

4. Hobbies?
Horses and I will reveal the other one in a post soon!

5. Any pets?
I have a rabbit called Peter, its a girl but when I named her thinking it was a boy, until she had babies! I've also got 5 ponies, if they count as pets? I will write a post about them at some point.

6. What career you want? 
This is something I can never say for certain, but I would love to go into events management or music management, but unfortunately I messed up sixth form so am currently rethinking.

7. Want to ask me a question? 
You can ask me anonymously on my Tumblr: 

8. Where are you from? 
South of England.

9. Favourite type of shoe?
Heels definitely.

10. Favourite hair style?
Down, no back combing - nothing. Having long hair is hard enough to brush on its own, let alone having hair products/styles!

11. Childhood dream?
I always wanted to be like Lord Alan Sugar, yeah I was a very serious child.

12. Current job? 
Currently a waitress and chef and a little cafe by my house, little bit rubbish but its better than no job right? And the view from work really isn't that bad!

13. Favourite magazine? 
Definitely, Company. I find it's amazing for bloggers. 

14. Any weird food obsessions? 
I love putting grated cheese on everything! Has to be grated though, sliced cheese is not as nice. 

15. Favourite Instagram account? 
Magsy24 aka Hannah Maggs. She makes YouTube videos and I absolutely love seeing the photos of her and her little family. More on YouTubers in a future post. :) 

Thanks for reading! :) 
Abbie xx

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