What's on my tablet?

I've got the samsung galaxy tab 3, nothing special and I don't really use it that much. I way prefer apple but it does the job and it was very affordable. I've got mine in red, not sure why but it's really dark so doesn't bother me.
Jack Wills background of course! It's definitely my favourite brand - sad to have it as a background, I know. 

I don't really have that many apps as I usually just use my tablet to watch YouTube videos or catch up on tv programs.
Right, anyway top left is catch phrase like the TV show were you have to identify the catchphrase from animated clips and then you win money. The game version of that apart from you don't win anything - love it. Available on the Play Store and the App Store. 

Then below that there's temple run 2 (we all know what that is), below that 8 ball pool (bringing out the manly side of me). 
Below that Paperama, my favourite game at the moment, where you have to get a piece of paper into a certain shape. Sounds boring but its not, give it a go! 
I could only find this on the Play Store, sorry iPhone users. :( 

Below that there's flappy bird (most frustrating game ever) then Hay Day, a bit like FarmVille I guess - haven't played it in ages mind. 

Right, next column: Gmail, a TV guide (British) then a folder called Social, containing apps such as, twitter, Facebook, tumblr and Vine. Below that, a folder every girl needs, Shopping. 
I don't have many on there at the moment because I always use my laptop. Below that is a folder containing all the TV catch up apps, well British ones anyway. 

Then under that is yet another folder called kids, full of children's games because my 2 year old niece and 4 year old nephew tend to help themselves to my tablet when they come over. 

Then just to the right of that is my horoscope app - everyone has it right?!

The bottom row is just the more important stuff, email, chrome, YouTube and the Play Store. 

I don't ever use the camera so I don't actually have an photos or videos on here, if you've got one you'll know the camera is really bad! 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this extra long and probably boring post. Let me know if you think I should do a What's on your iPhone post too. Also I would love to know what's on your tablet/ipad/phone/laptop because I'm nosey and want to find more fun apps. 

Thanks for reading! :) 
Abbie xx

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