Sorry its been a while, I completely forgot I never finished the weekend! 
Here we are, Sunday, the final day. It was such a good weekend and I would do anything just to go back there. I'm definitely going again next year, its just such a lovely place. I didn't get many photos on the Sunday because my phone decided it didn't have any storage!! How annoying. 

Here's Lucy, Becky and me with our finger tashes. 

Then we watched Ella Eyre, So so beautiful!! 

One of the best acts all weekend - Passenger. Go check him out if you haven't heard him already.

The Red Arrows did a show, I'm not 100% sure but I think these are only in Britain? If they are then for all you who don't know what they do, basically they just do cool stuff in planes haha, YouTube them if you are even interested. 

Fall Out Boy! So glad I watched these, I love them so much. 

Quick family photo (minus my older sister and I'm midway through talking).

Kings of Leon, definitely weren't as good as I'd hoped.

Then it was the fireworks at the end of the night. I thought the photo looked pretty cool.

So yeah, hope you enjoyed vaguely seeing my weekend. 

Thanks for reading/looking! :) 
Abbie xx

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