Fake Tan Review | MY FIRST TIME

Me being naturally as pale as Wednesday Addams made me very worried about fake tanning for the first time - mainly because so many people where I live are orange. I find it very hard to get a tan - especially in England and having to work inside on sunny days. So I had the decision of fake tanning or being pale all summer (2013). 
I decided it would be safer if I applied the fake tan myself a I'd not seen many spray tans that hadn't turned people orange. This way also meant I could choose how tanned I wanted to be. 

The first fake tanning product I used was the L'oréal Sublime Bronze self-tanning gel.
It's a gel that allows you to build it up everyday until you have reached the colour you want. I also made sure it covered both face and body as I don't usually wear any foundation so I wanted them to be the same colour, also I'm way too lazy to do that much everyday! 

I found this product was really easy to apply, perfect for a first time and really natural looking. Its also great because it is very affordable, at about £13.50 in most pharmacies or drugstores.

Here is a photo of how dark my legs went, unfortunately I don't have a photo of what they were like before but I can assure you I'm nearly whiter than paper! Also please ignore the weird water effect on my legs, I can assure you they were all one colour.

The only thing I will say about this product is, make sure you properly exfoliate before applying - it does say this on the back but I tried to be lazy one time and it went patchy! 

I would love to know if anyone has tried this and what your opinion on it is. :) 

Thanks for reading! :)
Abbie xx 

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