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So I thought I'd do a simple day in the life post, I always watch YouTube videos of this but as I don't make YouTube videos I thought I would try and do it in a post, not too sure how it will turn out. But yeah, here's what a typical Thursday looks like in my life.

First things first, when I wake up the first thing I do is go and get breakfast and because I haven't had a day off in ages I thought I would treat myself and eat it in bed.

Frosties! My favourite :) I don't think I could survive if I didn't eat breakfast. Then I went and brushed my teeth, here's a sexy picture of me brushing my teeth. One of my favourite things to do! Please ignore my top, its about 7 years old and only just fits me now! 

Because I'm a lazy cow I sat back in bed and did a bit of blog "research", ie. catching up on my favourite blogs. Whilst enjoying a Creme Egg - I've eaten so many in the past 5 days! 

Once I'd done that I had a cheeky workout. I'm currently doing my favourite, the Sally Up Challenge! I highly recommend it, I will probably do a blog post on it in the future. 

Then I took a shower, but I'm not taking a photo of that because I'm sure you all know what a shower looks like. I then put my make up on (takes about 3 minutes as I wear very little) and got dressed. 

Next up, its time to help mum at the yard! 

Biggest job - poo picking! For all non-horsey people it probably sounds horrible haha. 
On Thursdays, my little sister has ice skating lessons so that was the next place to go and freeze for 2 whole hours. :( 
Before that though we managed to squeeze in a little ice cream, I'm so happy that I managed to find the BEST ice lolly ever! 

I used to eat these all the time as a child and then when I was about 9 they completely disappeared from all shops and I haven't seen one since! Has anyone ever tried these beautiful things? 
After ice skating I might have accidentally had a McDonald's, but lets not talk about that. 

Once all that was done, we went back to the yard to discover the ponies had broke into the feed room and eaten all the food! Now I've just got out the bath and am writing this, so it can go up while I'm busy working tomorrow - how fun! 

Anyway, that's a lot of writing! If you've actually bothered to read to the end, leave me a comment or tweet me @AbbieeWade. I would love to hear from you and hear what you want me to post about as it would really help me! Hahaha anyway, Bye! 

Thanks for reading! :)
Abbie xx 

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