My Week in Pictures | 12th July 2015

Hiya! How's your week been? 
Mine has been ok, haven't got anything particularly important to report but I am feeling super motivated and determined to do well! Here's my gallery this week. 

This is how I blog brainstorm... I wonder how many sticky notes I've lost without realising! 

I went for a lovely walk with my mum. How lucky am I to live right next to this?! 

And this! 

Biggest jacket potato I've ever had! I'm obsessed. 

So happy with how my abs are coming along. 

I also went out with my uncle for some cake this week. These are my favourite. 

And this was our view. Although you can't actually tell it's right next to the sea. 

Absolutely love this photo, I had such a lovely walk up a cliff near me. 

Am I? What do you think? 

Sea picture again! Sorry I did this a lot this week if you couldn't tell haha. 

Here's my weekly selfie as per usual. 

How blonde is my hair now! Finally!! 

 I got to wear my raincoat again, yay! Ps. Ignore the mess, I was in a rush to get dressed so obviously I ruined my room. 

Ryde Slide! 

It was basically a 200m slide that had foam at the bottom. 

My niece is so vain! She always asks for photos haha, she's only 3! 

That's all from me this week! What have you been up to? 

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Abigale xo


  1. Love this little update!
    Jabeen x

  2. Great blog! I'd love for you to check out mine:)