Throwback Thursday | My First Bestival

My first ever Throwback Thursday on my blog has to be my first ever Bestival experience.
 Here's a picture of me on the phone with my sister and her fiance with a random lady in a hat and guy in a wig. I wish I took more photos of this weekend, sadly I didn't take any on my phone!

Quick FYI, for those of you who don't know Bestival, its a music festival in the South of England. Definitely check it out and they don't only do the one festival.

For me it was literally the best time I've ever had, I wasn't worried about anything, didn't have an responsibilities and were with some great people.

Although it is a bit of a blur to me now as it was coming up to 3 years ago and I have a brain like a sieve.  I do remember arriving on the Friday with my sister not really knowing what to expect because I wasn't with any of my friends.  Thankfully I made some great friends very quickly and actually met up with a lot of people I knew.

Obviously I spent a lot of the weekend intoxicated in alcohol and in peoples tents (lets not pretend teenagers don't drink alcohol and hang out with the opposite sex.)  But that's what made it fun, just being young and carefree (only 18 at the time of this).  I need to experience more times like this because I sometimes forget that I am only 20 and I don't need to take life so serious.  Apologies I started to get a little deep!  I shall move on...  This was the first festival I went to that I felt like I wasn't stuck to a schedule and that I could literally see whatever acts I wanted and there was always stuff to do/people around.

I was lucky enough that I live 30 minutes from the site so I didn't have to worry about camping and taking loads of stuff with me - although I did camp, like I always do just in other peoples tents.  Haha I'm so good at that, its nice to be able to leave Monday morning with nothing but your bumbag to carry. 

 Anyway, that was a really good weekend for me and I learned a lot, if only I could go back to the person I was then. 

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