My Week in Pictures | 19th July 2015

Hiya! How was your week? 
None has been pretty good, I've been so motivated all week. Although whilst I'm writing this is feel rubbish, hopefully I'll be better by the morning because I have work! 

Started off the week by going for a drive with my brother. 

I love pulling sexy faces for snapchat. Don't we all? 

My lovely friend brought these treats  around for me, she's so kind! 

British summertime everybody. 

T in the Park highlights. 

Sorry but how cute do these look!! 

Please can you appreciate the colour for a sec. 

Socks and sandals should be illegal. 

Treated myself to some new books. 

I look much better when the camera is out of focus haha. 

That's all I captured this week, I promise these will get more interesting. 

Thanks for reading! 

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Abigale xo


  1. Is that rose lemonade I spy? I'm literally living off that stuff at the mo!


    1. It is! I've only just tried it and I love it!! X